Agenda and draft minutes

Agenda and draft minutes

Venue: Coed Pella, Conwy Road, Colwyn Bay LL29 7AZ

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Apologies for absence were received from:

Councillor Hugh Evans – Denbighshire County Council

Councillor Sam Rowlands – Conwy County Borough Council

Jason Devonport – North Wales Police

Teresa Owen – Public Health Wales

Sam Owen – National Probation Service




To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 23 September 2019 (copy attached)



The minutes of the Conwy and Denbighshire Public Services Board held on 23 September 2019, were submitted for approval.


RESOLVED that the minutes of the Conwy and Denbighshire Public Services Board meeting held on 23 September, 2019, be approved as a correct record.





Page 8 – Review of PSB membership – it was confirmed that one Town and Community Councillor from Conwy and one Town and Community Councillor from Denbighshire be included within the PSB membership.


It was confirmed that the Town and Community Council Forum in Conwy would be contacted to put a representative forward and for the Town and Community Councils in Denbighshire to be contacted to request a representative.  Once the two representatives were agreed, they were to be invited to attend the PSB meetings.


It was confirmed that Community Housing Cymru be invited to put forward a housing representative to attend the PSB meetings.



  1. Town and Community Councils be represented on the Board and that this be explored further before an invitation is issued.
  2. Community Housing Cymru are approached for a nomination which would represent both Conwy and Denbighshire counties on the Board. 





To inform members of progress to date against the priority areas and seek approval for specific areas of work.


(a)  Mental Well-being

To receive a verbal update on the Mental Well-being priority by Richard Firth (Public Health Wales)


(b)  Community Empowerment

To receive an update on the Community Empowerment priority by Judith Greenhalgh (Chief Executive, DCC), and Helen Wilkinson (Chief Executive, DVSC) (copy attached)


(c)  Environmental Resilience

To receive an update on the Environment Resilience priority by the Chair (copy attached)

2.15 p.m. – 3.00 p.m.


Additional documents:


(a)  Mental Well-being


Richard Firth (Public Health Wales) provided an update on the mental well-being priority. He confirmed work is beginning to progress on this priority, with meetings held with BCUHB and the Local Implementation Team (LIT) for Conwy and Denbighshire. 


Looking at rural focus together with the effect of Brexit.  Libraries work was ongoing which tied in with LIT (Local Implementation Team) and ICAN.  They were setting up mental health and suicide training and hoping to take that further.  A paper was to be produced and circulated to all PSB members.


A report is currently being drafted, with data measurements available in approximately one week. This will provide an up to date position on the priority and contain options for taking strand of work forward. 


The Chair requested the paper be circulated to the Board in early January, in order for Members to consider.


It was agreed that a briefing note prior to the meeting be supplied within the agenda pack in future.


(b)  Community Empowerment


Judith Greenhalgh, Chief Executive of Denbighshire County Council, informed the Board that cross partnership working was working well with opportunities for joint working being explored.  The sub-group will next meet in February 2020 to progress this work.


In regards Dementia Aware Community Led programme, it was noted that a lot of community led work had taken place.  In January 2020 planning for the Dementia Friendly week which will be in May 2020 will commence.  It was suggested that the PSB take a collaborative approach to support activities during Dementia Week.


HW informed members that DVSC had been a successful recipient of the Foundational Economy Challenge Fund to support the reopening of Ruthin Market Hall with Denbighshire County Council.  The Market Hall will be run as a Social Enterprise to support inclusive economic growth in the area. A meeting was due to take place in Ruthin and papers to be shared from the Welsh Government. 


Work on homelessness had not been provided due to capacity issues.   It was confirmed that before an update could be provided, issues needed to be prioritised and further work carried out.  The National Lottery provided priority funding for homelessness schemes.


(c)  Environment Resilience


Fran Lewis, Corporate Performance and Improvement Manager (CCBC) provided an update on the community Green Pledges and Environmental Policy Statements (previously circulated).


Following approval of the Community Pledges in July 2019 by the Board, work has progressed with Conwy County Borough Council’s marketing team to support the engagement of the scheme.  A meeting has been arranged with the Communications Officers from PSB partner organisations to share and seek views on this work and discuss how partners can help promote and encourage participation of the scheme.


The Community Pledges will be formally launched in the New Year.  In the interim officers are using partners own engagement activity as a soft launch for the scheme to inform groups how they can get involvement.


The Environmental Position Statement had been revised to focus on 2 commitment areas, Carbon and Energy and Climate Change Adaptation.


FL informed members that draft measures have been identified, however there are some actions where measures had not been identified as further work was required to establish direction.  The environment sub-group will be reconvened in the New Year to progress this work and finalise the performance measures. 


An update was presented for the Regional Environment Programme Board by the Chair. 


Following the regional environment event which was held in September 2019, there were proposals to establish a regional approach to the PSBs environment work.  This was taken to the North Wales Regional Leadership Board and  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.



To receive the WAO PSB Review – Draft Action Plan (copy attached)

The Chair will lead on this item.

3.00 p.m. – 3.20 p.m.


Additional documents:


The Chair introduced the WAO PSB Review – Draft Action Plan report (previously circulated).


The review contained recommendations mainly regarding connection with communities and to improve scrutiny.


The draft Action Plan was discussed.  In regards to recommendation 3A, members considered using the well-being plan to discharge other plans. It was agreed that as the well-being plan was developed following extensive engagement and there are no plans to revise their priorities, it would not be appropriate to discharge other obligations at this time.  Members suggested this is considered as part of the next PSB well-being plan.


It was confirmed that the draft Action Plan be updated and from the Local Authority perspective, the Action Plan would be submitted to the respective Audit Committees together with the Joint PSB Scrutiny Committee.



  1. the action plan be approved following the suggested amendments.
  2. the well-being impact assessment be tabled at the March 2020 meeting.
  3. the Board endorse Participation Cymru’s the National Principles of Engagement.
  4. the Draft Action Plan be updated and submitted to the Joint PSB Scrutiny Committee and Audit Committees.




To receive an update on the North Wales PSB Regional Grant (copy attached).

Judith Greenhalgh (Chief Executive, DCC) and Nicola Kneale (DCC)

3.20 p.m. – 3.30 p.m.


Additional documents:


The Strategic Planning Team Manager (DCC), Nicola Kneale, presented the North Wales PSB Regional Grant Update report (previously circulated).


The PSB Support Grant 2019/20 for North Wales from the Welsh Government amounted to £83,117.00.  The funding was offered on a broader footprint mirroring the Local Health Board areas to encourage the adoption of a consistent approach and to reduce duplication of effort across the PSBs.


A summary of the bid and approval was discussed. 


It was confirmed that each of the PSBs were at different stages in terms of development, assessment of local well-being and well-being plans.  Work on those areas were piecemeal and gradual but continued to progress throughout the year.  Much of the activity in support of PSBs was also being absorbed into the existing business of partner authorities and being accommodated as capacity allowed.



·         members note the current progress in relation to the allocation and spend of the PSB Support Grant for 2019/20

·         Conwy and Denbighshire PSB projects that have money allocated but have not yet spent their allocation should ensure that invoices are sent to Denbighshire for processing or agree to allocate any potential underspend in the PSB allocation to top up the Travel Research Project fund




(a)  Update on Regional Partnership Board  TBC

(b)  Update presentation on Local Implementation Team (LIT) (Tesni Hadwin)

(c)  Consider proposals for transformational funding 2020/21 (Bethan Jones, BCUHB) (copy attached)

3.30 p.m. – 4.10 p.m.



(a)  Update on Regional Partnership Board - representatives were unable to attend.  This item will be deferred to a future meeting.


(b)  Tesni Hadwin, Service Manager for Vulnerable People presented an update on the Local Implementation Team (LIT). 


The LIT was launched in 2017.  The purpose of the LIT is to provide a multi-disciplinary, bottom-up, place based approach to understanding mental health and well-being needs, agree the model of care required locally and ultimately produced options for a multi-disciplinary model that improves people’s recovery outcomes.  The LIT reports to the Together for Mental Health Partnership Board, which in turn feeds into the Regional Partnership Board. 


In November 2019, the Together for Mental Health strand was awarded £2,320,000 for North Wales from the Transformational Funding.  The fund was intended to meet the time-limited additional costs of introducing new models of health and social care. 


The work of the LIT is linked to the ICAN integrated pathway, progressing from low level interventions to high level support -

·         ICAN Community Hub

·         ICAN Primary Care

·         ICAN Unscheduled Care, and

·         ICAN + step up/step down


The ICAN campaign aims to -

·         Give a voice to people with lived experience

·         Shift focus of care to prevention and early intervention

·         Empower people to maintain their mental health and well-being, and

·         Encourage open and informed conversations about mental health.


To achieve the aims, the LIT has developed -

·         A new ICan mental health support pathway

·         ICan work employment programme

·         ICan mental health training

·         ICan volunteer opportunities


Members were informed that several ICan community hubs have been established across Conwy and Denbighshire, some of which are launching in January 2020. The services and provision ranges from hub to hub.  This is part of the LITs work to undertake a whole system change and reinvesting resources to a preventative model, so that people are supported by a range of community based options.  


Members were informed that there are plans to bid for more hubs, primarily in Llandudno and Rhyl.  However need to ensure there is equal provision across the regions, such as rural areas. The LIT is also looking into developing a community collaborative model.


The Board thanked Tesni for her update.


(c)  Bethan Jones, BCUHB, provided a summary report of the proposals for transformational funding 2020/21.


The Welsh Government have made a transformational grant available, and rather than allocate the funds, bids had to be submitted for the monies.  The programme has established four projects,

·         Community Service Transformation – focusing on developing combined health and social care localities (based on the geography of primary care clusters) and developing links with Community Resource Teams.  There are four clusters across Conwy and Denbighshire.

·         Integrated early intervention and intensive support for children and young people - focusing on children and young people as part of the regional vision for seamless locality based services.

·         Together for Mental Health in North Wales – focusing on providing a seamless integrated urgent care service for individuals who experience mental health crisis or require immediate support.  There are similar projects operating in both Gwynedd and Anglesey and Flintshire and Wrexham.

·         North Wales Together: Seamless services for people with learning disabilities – this is a regional project focusing on developing a model of learning disability services based on ‘what matters’ to the individual and building on family support, informal networks and community resource team models


The difference with the transformational funding was that the bids could only be submitted once the project monies had been spent.  A more detailed update would be available for the Board in April/May 2020. 



  1. the Health and Well-being updates are noted.  ...  view the full minutes text for item 7.

At this juncture (3.30 p.m.) there was a 20 minute break


The meeting reconvened at 3.50 p.m.




To receive a presentation by Iain Roberts (Public Health Wales)

4.10 p.m. – 4.30 p.m.



The Head of Programmes, Improvement Cymru, Iain Roberts, introduced a presentation for a healthier Wales.


In October, 2019, 1000 Lives Plus was officially relaunched as Improvement Cymru.


Improvement Cymru were the all-Wales Improvement Service for NHS Wales. 


The purpose of Improvement Cymru was to support the creation of the best quality health and social care system in the world.


The vision was for all health and social care staff to continuously improve what they do, and how they do it together – so that people in Wales could have the best quality care and health possible.


The mission was to lead, train and champion improvement, to embed an improvement ethos at the centre of health and social care.


The new approach would mean:

·         Clearer alignment of national programmes of work which could be contextualised to local settings

·         A commitment to building improvement capability across all staff levels

·         A refreshed delivery framework to spread and scale improvements more effectively

·         A measurement system to support the ability to demonstrate value and outcome

·         A “hearts and minds” social movement that created energy and drives change

·         A strengthened national improvement network across Wales through an annual conference, local roadshows and masterclasses

·         White Papers and Guides to support learning and thought leadership.


The Board thanked Iain for his presentation.  The Board confirmed they would reflect on the information presented and consider where support from Improvement Cymru is needed.




To receive a presentation by Rhys Horan (Strategic Lead, Wales Energy Service)

4.30 p.m. – 4.55 p.m.



The Strategic Lead, Rhys Horan, of the Welsh Government Energy Service introduced a presentation on the Energy Service and Regional Opportunities and how the Public Services Board could be supported.


The Energy Service would provide free technical, commercial and procurement support to develop energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.


The service would help with financial planning and funding e.g. interest free loans and grants.


Projects supported include:

·         Estate wide energy efficiency – installing energy efficiency across multiple sites to reduce energy use and costs (for example insulation and Efficient lighting and heating upgrades for local authority buildings)

·         Building mounted renewable energy – installing renewable energy in multiple sites to reduce costs and generate income.  Solar panels linked to energy efficiency projects.

·         Street lighting upgrades – Upgrading street lighting to reduce energy use and costs (for example switching to light emitting diode (LED) lamps, smart controls and reducing lighting hours)

·         Renewable Energy Projects – Public sector or community owned schemes to generate renewable energy and income from wind, solar, hydropower and energy storage.


The Energy Service was set up approximately 2 years ago and dependent on project delivery.  The Service is made up of a number of different partners – Carbon Trust, Energy Saving Trust, Wales Fund Programme, and Local Partnerships.


The vision was to deliver maximum local economic, social, ecological and well-being benefits from transitioning to a clean growth economy by 2035 and becoming a net exporter of low carbon electricity through cross-border and regional co-operation.


The Board thanked Rhys for his presentation and confirmed there was scope to work together in future on the environment priority, especially around the environment position statement.


Resolved that the environmental priority leads explore with the WG energy Service on how we can work together going forward.




The Chair will lead on this item

4.50 p.m. – 4.55 p.m.




The Public Services Board (PSB) Forward Work Programme (FWP) (previously circulated) was presented for consideration. 


The next meeting was to take place on 27 January 2020 which would be an informal workshop.  Currently there is no theme for the informal workshop. The Chair and Vice Chair sought suggestions from member and will consider whether this workshop will take place.


RESOLVED that the Forward Work programme be approved.





Foundational Economy Update by Helen Wilkinson (Chief Executive, DVSC)

4.55 p.m. – 5.00 p.m.



The Chief Executive, DVSC, Helen Wilkinson gave an update of the Welsh Government launch of the Foundational Economy event. 


She stressed the need to ensure, as a PSB, this was being linked into collaborative working and procurement. 


The Welsh Government approach would be to support PSBs to use and strengthen local supply chains.  The Well-being of Future Generations Act methods would assist to make quick progress.


There was an opportunity for PSB given that the Board comprised of third sector members and DCC already had 2 projects. 


Sioned Rees confirmed discussions had taken place in WG where data for North Wales had been requested.


It was confirmed the information could be made available for the March 2020 meeting, for a discussion on potential opportunities.


Resolved that the foundational economy is tabled for the March 2020 meeting.





For information only.




Copy attached for information



For information only.




Copy attached for information.



For information only.



At this juncture, Fran Lewis informed the Board that this would be the last meeting for Hannah Edwards,  PSB Development Officer (CCBC) as she would be on maternity leave from January 2020.  The Board thanked Hannah for all her work and wished her well for her maternity leave.  Officers from DCC would be temporarily taking over in Hannah’s absence.



The meeting concluded at 4.55 p.m.