Agenda item

Agenda item


To consider the committee’s forward work programme (copy enclosed).


The Governance and Audit Committee’s Forward Work Programme (FWP) was presented for consideration (previously circulated).


The Chair stressed the importance of reports presented to the Committee focus on the key highlights, trends, concerns or non-compliances detailed in the paper.


The Chair requested any changes or amendments to the forward work programme, be passed to the Chair and Vice Chair.

It had been suggested that a mapping exercise be completed on joint working or pooled budgets to demonstrate the line of responsibility including accounts, audits and the legality of partnerships. Lay Member Paul Whitham, informed members a previous report on joint working had previously been presented to the Committee. The Chief Internal Auditor confirmed one of his predecessors had conducted a piece of work, he suggested he looked back at that work and expand to present an update report to the Committee in March 2023.


The Chair suggested an item be included on the future items section of the forward work programme on changes to the Committee’s Terms of Reference.


The next meeting of the Governance and Audit Committee was scheduled for 22 November 2023. The Chair informed the group, an Audit Wales report on the timetable of works was hoped to be available for that meeting.


The Chair stressed the importance of a training session on the Risk Register prior to the next meeting. The Chief Internal Auditor agreed to discuss with officers to find an agreeable date and time.

It was also suggested a training session on internal audit assurance ratings be provided along with a training session on Treasury Management be timetabled.


The Monitoring Officer stated all Members should be aware of the Scrutiny training sessions scheduled are were welcome to attend.


Lay Member, Nigel Rudd requested that the future item on Net Carbon Zero be included at a meeting.

He asked if the Committee had sight of any report or audit on any matter in relation to housing and the housing revenue stock. He asked if the Committee could see sight of any Internal Audit work in that field. The Chief Internal Auditor informed members the Housing Support grant was completed on an annual basis. He stated there were a couple of housing audits scheduled this year of which the Committee would have sight on. An audit of the total Council housing stock in the authority had not been completed in some time. Mr Rudd suggested this area should be reviewed. The Chief Internal Auditor suggested he looked back at some of the reviews completed previously to map out areas that the Committee may want to review in the future.

Mr Rudd also raised the drawdown of European Union funding stating there had been a limit on shared prosperity and levelling up funding opportunities for authorities to make use of following Brexit. He asked if that could be reviewed to avoid any potential loss of funding. The Chief Internal Auditor confirmed he had been involved in the two funds. He was informed in the progress of the bids and would be involved in completing an audit of the bids at the end of the financial year. It would be included in the audit plan for next year.

The Chair suggested it may be an area that the Committee could ask a Scrutiny Committee to look at.

The Monitoring Officer suggested a discussion could be presented to Scrutiny Chairs and Vice Chairs, as there was a difference between the governance of the arrangements and the impact of those projects.

Mr Rudd, was in agreement of that proposal but suggested it be done in collaboration with neighbouring authorities. The Chief Internal Auditor confirmed, work and discussions were done collaboratively across North Wales.


RESOLVED that, subject to the above the Governance and Audit Committee’s forward work programme be noted.


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