Agenda item

Agenda item


To consider a report by the Scrutiny Coordinator (copy enclosed) seeking a review of the committee’s forward work programme and updating members on relevant issues.


12.20 – 12.40 p.m.


The Scrutiny Coordinator introduced the report (previously circulated).


The next meeting was scheduled for the 27 April 2023 members heard the six monthly review of the Corporate Risk Register was due to be presented to members.  Members were reminded of previous discussions on the issue of broadband in the county. She informed members she had made some enquiries on the issue and it was apparent that Broadband provision was a very complex issue. Members were made aware the Vice Chair Councillor Gareth Sandilands and the Scrutiny Coordinator had attended a meeting with BT Open Reach on the roll out of full fibre to Denbighshire. Following that meeting it was decided that a workshop giving an overview of Broadband provision and Upgrade Plans in Denbighshire would be beneficial for members, prior to determining which aspects would benefit from detailed scrutiny. It was proposed at the next meeting, to hold a workshop following the committee business. 


The Scrutiny Chairs and Vice Chairs Group (SCVCG) had recently met. At that a meeting a request received from the Governance and Audit Committee on staff recruitment, retention and work force planning had been reviewed. The Governance and Audit Committee had previously received a report and proposed Scrutiny debated the subject in greater depth. A report was included on the SCVCG’s forward work programme for information on the same issue. It was therefore proposed that a formal report be presented to Performance Scrutiny Committee at the meeting scheduled for the 8th June 2023 instead of to the SCVCG.


Appendix 2 contained a copy of the Member Proposal form, members were informed the SCVCG were due to meet again on 27April. Members were encouraged to complete the form with any items they thought merited consideration. 

Appendix 3 to the report was the Cabinet’s forward work.

Appendix 4 – informed members of the recommendations made at the previous Scrutiny meeting and the progress made with their implementation. 


Following the earlier discussion members requested the Housing Strategy and Homelessness Strategy return with an update in six months. Also a request for a follow up report on the Council’s Housing and work with tenants be included. The Scrutiny Coordinator informed members she had spoken to the officers and it was proposed that an information report be included on the forward work programme (FWP) in 12 months’ time.


It was also noted a further report on Library Service Standards and Performance be added to the proposed agenda for the Committee meeting in January 2024.


Appendix 5 to the report was the expressions of interest received to serve as committee representatives on the Service Challenge groups. Members heard the Service Challenge groups would meet virtually once a year. Attached was a list of the expressions received to date. Members heard Councillor Terry Mendies along with Councillor Carol Holliday had indicated an interest to represent the Committee on the Highways and Environmental Service Challenge Group. Members were in agreement for Councillor Mendies to attend Highways and Environmental Service Challenge meetings.  It was noted a small number of services still required meeting arrangements to be made, these were dependent on the outcome of the SLT restructure which was imminent.  An up to date list would be provided when arrangements had been made. The Corporate Director: Governance and Business encouraged members to participate in service challenge meetings to understand the services in more depth.


The Chair guided members through the suggested list and asked the Committee to confirm its representatives. The Scrutiny Coordinator confirmed she would present an updated list to the Committee when further details were available.   It was:




(i)           subject to the inclusion of the reports requested during the course of the meeting along with the additions and amendments outlined above, to confirm the Committee’s Forward Work Programme as set out in Appendix 1; and


(ii)   to appoint the members named below to serve as the Committee’s representatives on the following Service Challenge Groups:


Highways and Environmental Services – Councillor Terry Mendies;

Planning, Public Protection and Countryside Service – Councillor Gareth Sandilands;

Finance and Audit – Councillor Hugh Irving;

Community Support Services – Councillor Carol Holliday; and

Education and Children’s Services – Councillor Ellie Chard.


Supporting documents: