Agenda item

Agenda item


To consider an application for the change of use of former museum and tea rooms to form one dwelling at Station House, 1 Bridge Road, Prestatyn, LL19 7ER (copy attached).




An application was submitted for the Change of use of former museum and tea rooms to form one dwelling at Station House, 1 Bridge Road Prestatyn (previously circulated).


General Debate –


A site meeting had taken place on Friday 17 March 2023. Councillor Andrea Tomlin had been present at the site visit. She informed members she had lived in the area for a number of years and knew the site well stating it was an iconic character property situated within a conservation area. The property had previously been a residential property before its use as a tearoom. The property was situated in an elevated position on Bridge Road. In her opinion although it was included in Natural Resource Wales flooding maps, members should consider the character of the property, the site the history of the area as part of its decision. She stressed to members the importance of the area, it was part of a conservation area. Members were to ensure preservation or enhancement to the area’s character or appearance. in her opinion there was no reason to not allow the property to become a residential property as it once had been. Councillor Tomlin therefor proposed to grant the application contrary to officer recommendation.

Councillor Alan James had also been present at the site visit and thanked officers for their time. Councillor James seconded the proposal set by Councillor Tomlin.


Councillor Hugh Irving represented a neighbouring ward in Prestatyn echoed the comments stated by Councillor Tomlin above. The thanked officers for the pictures included in the application, stating they demonstrated the character of the property clearly for members. He informed members that the two most recent flooding in Prestatyn in 2001 and 1978 when the sea defence broke did not reach the area where the property stood.


Councillor Merfyn Parry made reference to the flooding maps provided my Natural Resource Wales. He stated members had to take consideration of the guidance. Members acknowledged the risk to the property but stated it applied to the whole area, both businesses and residential properties.

It was noted that no physical changes to the property were being made within the application.


The Development Manager confirmed consultation with the statutory bodies had taken place. Planning officers took into account the comments received from Natural Resource Wales when determining the recommendation. Natural Resource Wales concluded a flood event in the area, the property would potentially be under water by 0.6m. Members noted in the event of a flood, individuals would have to be evacuated or rescued.


Members asked if officers had taken account of the history of the site, including if any flooding had been observed at the site. In response to members concerns the Development Manager confirmed the history of the site was taken into consideration when looking at all material planning considerations for the officer recommendation. Officers confirmed they had no evidence to suggest the property had previously been flooded. The Development Officers noted the comments including the need for housing in the County.


Councillor Tomlin provided her reasons for granting the application contrary to officer recommendations for the following reasons;

·         The property had been built for residential dwelling of the station master. The property had been used for residential use for the majority of the buildings existence.

·         The property was within a conservation area


The Legal Officer commented that if flooding occurred at the area it would be tragic for those that occupied the property but balanced against the devastation that would occur more generally in the area would be fairly small.


Proposal - Councillor Andrea Tomlin proposed the application be granted contrary to officer recommendation, seconded by Councillor Alan James.



For – 17

Abstain – 1

Refuse – 0


RESOLVED that permission be GRANTED contrary to officer recommendation for the reasons stated above.







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