Agenda item

Agenda item


To seek Members approval to submit a formal consultation response to the pre-application consultation on behalf of the Council. (copy attached)




Planning officers introduced the Awel Y Mor Offshore Windfarm – Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project and the Response to Statutory Pre Application Consultation.


Officers stated that Denbighshire County Council have been invited to respond to the statutory pre-application consultation on the proposed Awel y Mor offshore windfarm. The consultation commenced on 31 August and would run until 11 October 2021. The report seeks members’ approval to submit a formal consultation response to the pre-application consultation on behalf of the Council.


The chair opened up discussions and invited local members to raise matters prior to allowing committee members to raise any matters.


Councillor Barry Mellor (local member) thanked the chair for allowing him to speak. The main concern for the proposed windfarm development was mainly to do with the cabling which would run through the proposed Prestatyn Flood Defence scheme and two large concrete blocks would be built on Rhyl Golf Course, this was development plan A for the cables at the golf course.


However Councillor Mellor stated there was a plan B which would drill underneath the golf course and the proposed flood defence scheme and the concrete blocks would be built on the opposite side of the road to the golf course. This option was deemed the best solution. The local members highlighted that if plan A was developed it would likely cause the golf course to close as many of the fairways would be built over. Councillor Mellor closed his statement by pleading with members to complete the consultations prior to the 11th October.


Councillor Brian Jones, spoke on behalf of the local member Councillor Tony Thomas, he agreed fully with comments raised by Councillor Barry Mellor. Originally Councillor Jones was supportive of the project however since meeting with RWE Renewables and partners the developers, and their hesitate nature of sharing information on the development he was no longer supportive of the project.


Councillor Julian Thompson-Hill felt that the wording within the response in relation to ‘Plan A’ needed to be strengthened to state the Council would not support any project which would have a detrimental effect on a pre-existing commercial site. Councillor Joan Butterfield agreed strongly with strengthening the wording.


Councillor Emrys Wynne, strongly agreed with all the previous comments which were raised, he raised how he had concerns with the cabling running through public footpaths. He wanted to ensure that the Council would not lose the rights to these footpaths.


Councillor Meirick Lloyd Davies thanked the chair for the opportunity to speak, he fully supported previously raised comments by members. He highlighted an error in the applicants’ papers, the national substation was not in Bodelwyddan but Cefn Meiriadog. The plans also showed the development of a new substation in Cefn Meiriadog which was on an agricultural green site. Councillor Lloyd Davies could not understand why the substation could not be built by the pre-existing substation for the other offshore developments.


Planning Officer Denise Shaw thanked members for the comments about the consultation and their concerns with development. The proposed concreate construction would have an impact on the golf course and would be noted within the response. Officers also queried whether members had any comments with regards to the construction compound which would be nearby to the golf course and could also have an impact on the golf course. The comments on the substation would be included in the Council’s response. The committee were made aware by officers that other neighbouring Councils were wanting to write a joint response to the consultation, and officers wanted to know what members felt about the matter.


Members of the committee agreed to the proposal of a joint response, and strongly opposed the construction compound as it was also have an impact on the golf course. Members also queried what powers the Council had to the matter legally in planning terms as the papers seemed vague on the matter. The team leader - places team, would look to the matter in further detail and respond to members.


Officers thanked members again for their input on the matter, and queried what the best mechanism for the agreed response was. The committee agreed that the response be agreed by local members and the chair of the committee. It was also agreed that Councillor Meirick Lloyd Davies also receive a copy of the response. Members queried whether a covering letter by the chief executive could be included with the response, officers responded informing the committee they would raise the matter with the chief executive.


Councillor Brian Jones proposed the statutory response, seconded by Councillor Mark Young.


RESOLVED that the Planning Committee agree to respond to the Statutory Pre-Application Consultation Response including the comments above.



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