Agenda item

Agenda item


To receive an update on the proposed timetable for developing the Welsh Language Strategy (copy enclosed).




The Welsh Language Officer (WLO) presented the Welsh Language Strategy report (previously circulated) which was to update on the proposed timetable for developing the new strategy.


The Welsh Language Measure (Wales) 2011 has enabled the Government to set standards relating to the Welsh Language and the Welsh Government expected all local authorities to adopt a Welsh Language Strategy, as part of their response to the Standards.


The current strategy, adopted by Denbighshire’s Cabinet in March 2017, outlines the approach towards promoting the Welsh Language and facilitating its use within the county. There was an expectancy of the Council to revise its strategy five years on from publication date. The new strategy was due in March 2022.


These were the proposed themes of the new strategy –


·         Theme 1 looks at how Denbighshire works with its key partners involved in delivering the Welsh language across the county and how they can work more strategically and planning their activities in a more co-ordinated manner

·         Theme 2 looks at increasing the number of pupils becoming fluent in the Welsh Language during their school life and encouraging greater use of the language in future life. We were also looking at improving opportunities for children and young people in social settings through working with our Youth and Leisure services.

·         Theme 3 looks at issues affecting communities in relation to the Welsh Language, with a key focus on the impact of policy decisions. A key focus was being placed on local planning issues and the ‘More than Words’ Framework to enhance bilingual services in health and social care.

·         Theme 4 looks at how Denbighshire and its economy development partners should recognise the importance of a thriving economy to the future of the Welsh Language and ensuring that strategies were in place to ensure opportunities for young people to stay in the local community.

·         Theme 5 looks at how the Council can enhance the Welsh language through providing training to staff and enhancing the bilingual ethos of the authority through promotion of the Welsh Language.


The new themes emphasized the challenge of retaining young people within their communities.


Members discussed the following in further detail –


·         Members felt that the fourth theme was highly important, and wondered whether the matter could be included within the new corporate plan, and it be prefaced as a highly important matter. The Lead Member for Education, Children's Services and Public Engagement agreed that the matter merited inclusion.

·         Concerns with the funding, and the term ‘goodwill’ as it would only go so far, the committee hoped that some money aside to assist with the development of the Welsh Language in the Council. The Lead Member for Education, Children's Services and Public Engagement the issue has been something which has been a challenge for the past 4/5 years, , however some other projects within DCC has developed things such as the Welsh Language Centre, which was a good sign that the Welsh Language was included in the most recent Corporate Plan.

·         Members queried whether the amount of Welsh language speakers had increased since the Council was formed in 1996, officer responded stating that they didn’t have the statistics to hand but would try and source them.


RESOLVED that the Welsh Language Steering Committee propose the Corporate Plan adopt the Welsh Language Strategy as one of the most important parts of the Corporate Plan, and a budget line be included within the budget to fund the strategy.



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