Agenda item

Agenda item


To consider a report by the Scrutiny Coordinator (copy attached) seeking a review of the committee’s forward work programme and updating members on relevant issues.


12pm – 12.20pm


The Scrutiny Coordinator submitted a report (previously circulated) seeking members’ review of the Committee’s work programme and provided an update on relevant issues.


Discussion focused on the following –


·         the reasoning behind proposed changes to the work programme as detailed in the report to ensure items were considered in a timely manner to better inform debate and scrutiny of particular topics was discussed and the changes agreed

·         the inclusion of the progress report on the recommendations in the Llantysilio Mountain Fire report in approximately six months’ time as agreed earlier on the agenda was reaffirmed

·         Councillor Andrew Thomas queried progress made with the siting of brown visitor signs on the A55 as previously discussed by the Committee and the Scrutiny Coordinator agreed to seek an update for members on the current position

·         following a scrutiny request from Councillor Rachel Flynn, an item relating to the Children and Adult Mental Health Service (CAMHS) would be considered by Partnerships Scrutiny Committee on 16 September 2019

·         following an issue raised by Councillors Brian Blakeley and Rachel Flynn and subsequent scrutiny request from Councillor Brian Blakeley regarding the capacity of schools in the county’s coastal area, the Scrutiny Chairs and Vice Chairs Group had considered that information provided by the Modernising Education Team had addressed the issue raised and therefore detailed scrutiny was not required – the Scrutiny Coordinator agreed to re-circulate the outcome

·         members were encouraged to submit any proposal forms regarding topics for scrutiny for submission to the next meeting of the Scrutiny Chairs and Vice Chairs Group on 11 September

·         with regard to the item on the Cabinet work programme relating to the Alternative Delivery Model for leisure related functions/activities and Board Membership, it was confirmed that following consideration of the item at Cabinet in September, the intention was for the matter to be submitted to full Council in October

·         details of the Infrastructure to make it easier to stage events project had been provided within the report and a nomination to serve on the Project Board to aid engagement and a cross county approach to decision making was discussed together with the merits of appointing a substitute representative

·         the Committee had also been asked to appoint two representatives on the School Standards Monitoring Group (SSMG) and details of the Group’s terms of reference and meeting dates for 2019/2020 had been previously circulated to which members gave due consideration

·         members were also advised of changes to the Service Challenge Process which had been referenced within the Committee’s information brief and agreed that the previously appointed representatives be retained for the individual service areas for the forthcoming year whilst acknowledging some realignment may be needed in light of restructures.  The Chair urged members to advise him or the Scrutiny Coordinator if they were unable to attend a service challenge meeting and indicated that he would be willing to deputise where possible

·         the Scrutiny Coordinator advised that no nominations had been forthcoming for a fifth representative to serve on the Learner Transport Working Group.  Councillor Rachel Flynn expressed an interest on the understanding that meetings would need to fit around her family commitments.




(a)       subject to the above, the forward work programme as detailed in Appendix 1 to the report be approved;


(b)       Councillor Anton Sampson be appointed to serve on the ‘Infrastructure to make it easier to stage events Project Board’ and Councillor Brian Blakeley be appointed substitute representative in the event substitutes were permitted;


(c)        Councillors Rachel Flynn and Graham Timms be appointed to serve on the Schools Standards Monitoring Group (SSMG);


(d)       the Committee’s previously appointed representatives on the Service Challenge be retained for the individual service areas and re-appointed for the forthcoming year, and


(e)       Councillor Rachel Flynn be appointed the fifth elected member to serve on the Learner Transport Policy Working Group but in the event that the timing of meetings proved difficult for Councillor Flynn to attend, the Committee’s representation on the Group be reduced to four elected members and one co-opted member.


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