Agenda and draft minutes

Agenda and draft minutes

Venue: Confrence Room 1A, County Hall, Ruthin

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Members to declare any personal or prejudicial interests in any business to be conducted at this meeting.



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Notice of items which, in the opinion of the Chair, should be considered at the meeting as a matter of urgency pursuant to Section 100B(4) of the Local Government Act, 1972.



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To receive the minutes of the meeting of the committee held on the 9 July 2019.



The minutes were of the Welhs Language Steering Group meeting held 09 July 2019 were submitted.


RESOLVED: that the minutes of the previous meeting held on 09 July 2019 be received and approves as a correct record.



To receive an update on compliance checks carried out by the Welsh Language Commissioner.


The Team Leader for Communications and Campaign Management (TLCCM) explained that they would create an annual report that reviewed emails, complaints, phone calls, website etc. The latest results were very positive.

He advised that there was a small issues regarding emails, whereby several Welsh emails were sent into the county and only one was responded to in Welsh.


Documents, books, policies etc. were all bilingual, though they needed to ensure services consider the level of Welsh for each role.


Members agreed that it may be beneficial for the Welsh Language Commissioner to attend a council briefing meeting, or full council.


The Welsh Language Commissioner (WLC) thanked all for the invite to the meeting. He also thanked Councillor Graham Timms for introducing him in Welsh. The WLC wanted to updated members of the current situation, he introduced Dylan Jones from the Welsh Language Commissioner team. The WLC also wanted to inform members of some changes that would be happening.


Members were advised that every year a report was published which reviewed standards within the Local Authority, complaints and how they were dealt with. In terms of change, they had seen a big difference. Since appointing a Welsh Language, internally there had been a big difference.


It was highlighted that a big change internally for Denbighshire was the moving of the Leisure Service. It would need to be monitored to ensure the same level of standards are applied.


The WCL advised that they reviewed recruitment between June and December 2018. There were 85 roles advertised in that time, 75 were Welsh desirable and 10 Welsh essential. The WLC advised that there should be further categories on the job in terms of Welsh, the current process needed to be reviewed.


The WLC explained some of the changed he had implemented since starting in the role.

He said he needed to ensure resources were available to conduct thorough and proper investigations and research.

This was because the commissioner could conduct an investigation without getting any information from the Local Authority. Once an investigation had started it would have to be completed in full.

The process was he commissioner would complete an investigation, present a report to the Local Authority, the Local Authority would accept the problem and would review how they could stop the same problem in the future.


The WLC and members highlighted the struggle Ireland were having with the Gaelic language, and the worry that official languages were dying out.

He did not want Wales to experience the same issues, roughly 9% of welsh speakers use welsh all day, every day, the Welsh Government have said they want the figure to be 20% by 2050. 


The WLC said he wanted to complete some work regarding Welsh Language Skill level. He explained that during a recent visit to a school, it was clear that sixth form students could understand Welsh but struggled to respond in Welsh. He felt there needed to be something in place to ensure students continue to speak Welsh after education.

Students leave education not knowing that the Welsh language was a skill. This was why the WLC wanted to focus on recruitment policies, he felt that if 75 jobs were listed as Welsh desirable then not enough thought had been put into the assessment of the role.


Councillor Huw Hilditch-Roberts agreed that standards were important but was only the start. He felt that attitude was a priority however great work had already been done in the LA.

As a county, there had been major investments in schools, Ysgol Carreg Emlyn, Ysgol y Llys etc.  since, Welsh Education numbers had  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.



To consider an update by the Team Leader – Communications and Campaign Management on the Self Assessment.


RESOVLED: that members had discussed the item in the previous item and agreed to continue to the next agenda item.




To receive an update by the Team Leader – Communications and Campaign Management on progress with the Eisteddfod yr Urdd.


The Team Leader for Communication and Campaign Management (TLCCM) advised members that 1,600 people had taken part in the ‘gwyl cyhoeddi’. He continued to say that many schools had taken part and the Urdd were really impressed by Rhyl’s response.

Communication – the strategic group were currently deciding on the main tent. The TLCCM advised that they wanted 3 sections to the tent; a studio, a section for business and tourism and a section for art and design.


Business and Tourism – the strategic group had many ideas, for example they wanted Llandegla bike centre to attend, SC2, open stalls that promote their business.


Art and Design – the idea was to have something happening throughout the whole week. An ongoing design competition for example that enticed people to return.


Sports area – 5x60 staff were bringing different sports in throughout the week, with equipment.


Schools – Primary school shows were already being planned, the shows were open to years 5 and 6, and there would also be a high school show.


RESOLVED: that the update on the Eisteddfod be received and noted by the committee.





To receive a presentation by the Economic and Business Development Team and Programme Manager on the Business side with the Welsh Language Standards.


The Economic and Business Development Team Manager (EBDTM) presented a PowerPoint presentation to the committee on the Welsh in Business Pilot Project.


Firstly, the EBDTM noted that majority of the response said it would cost money, however the case study had examples to prove that it would be financially beneficial.


For the purpose of the minutes, a video was played to the committee


The video discussed support and advice regarding the Welsh Language and also Local Welsh Products.


Case Studies – the programme encouraged businesses to engage with staff. For example, Oriel House now provided 100% Welsh Weddings, statistics proved that productivity increased.


The EBDTM highlighted that the demand for Social Media Courses had risen.

He also advised that the EBT team was much smaller which could cause delays in processes.


Members were advised that they were looking for local businesses to join the DCC tent at the Eisteddfod.


The committee were advised that the team had been working on established retailers. Working on how business and shops can be more friendly and welcoming, music etc.


The Chair noted that businesses played a vital part in using welsh in the community. There was a need to encourage public facing staff to engage in the Welsh Language. He thanked the EBDTM for attending and welcomed the team back to future meetings.


To conclude the agenda item, it was noted that the EBDTM was leaving the authority and this would be his final meeting. The committee thanked him for his work and wished him well.


RESOVLED: that the committee received and noted the update regarding the Welsh language Strategy.




To consider the Committee’s forward work programme (copy attached).



The Committee’s Forward Work Programme was presented for consideration.


RESOLVED: that the committee’s forward work programme be received and noted.





Meeting Closed 13:00pm