Agenda and draft minutes

Agenda and draft minutes

Venue: Council Chamber, Russell House, Churton Road, Rhyl LL18 3DP

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The quorum for SACRE was one third of its members including one from each of the three representative groups.  Unfortunately there were no members present representing teacher associations and therefore the meeting was inquorate.  Consequently those present considered whether or not to proceed with the meeting on an informal basis.  Given that it was the second consecutive inquorate meeting of SACRE and that it would not be possible to ratify previous decisions, and given that there was no pressing business requiring a decision prior to the next scheduled meeting, it was proposed that the meeting not proceed and that the business be deferred to the next meeting of SACRE scheduled for 12 October 2018.  It was subsequently AGREED ACCORDINGLY.  Whilst appreciating that it was an extremely busy time for members concern was expressed that only one apology for absence had been received, from Dominic Oakes, and members stressed the importance of all members submitting apologies in advance if they were unable to attend meetings so that alternative arrangements could be made if necessary.  The current lack of representatives from teacher associations was also raised as an issue which the local authority needed to address and it was suggested that there may be merit in convening meetings outside of school hours which may help to improve attendance.


The Challenge Advisor GwE advised that he was stepping down as the local authority representative and the local authority would need to find another adviser to provide professional support to SACRE in future.  He highlighted SACRE’s statutory requirement to review the agreed syllabus but in light of the future changes to the current curriculum WASACRE had suggested the current framework be confirmed as fit for purpose pending implementation of the new curriculum in 2022.  It was suggested that an Agreed Syllabus Conference be convened immediately prior to the next scheduled SACRE meeting for this purpose.  The Challenge Advisor GwE also referred members to agenda item 8 – Curriculum for Wales and advised that as the new curriculum continued to be developed progression steps for the Humanities Area of Learning and Experience had been produced to aid the identification of attainment in humanities which would replace the current documentation.  The deadline for feedback to the Welsh Government on the new progression steps was imminent and therefore he suggested that members consider the documentation in their own time and submit their individual comments directly to Welsh Government.  This would ensure that SACRE was confident it had the opportunity to input as part of that process with a view to including the new documentation as part of the agreed syllabus when it was reviewed in 2022.  It was agreed to circulate the Welsh Government email address for responses to members to enable them to provide individual feedback relating to the progression steps.


The discussion concluded at 10.25 a.m.