Decision details

Decision details


Decision Maker: Partnerships Scrutiny Committee

Decision status: For Determination


The Scrutiny Co-ordinator introduced the report and appendices (previously circulated) seeking Members’ review of the Committee’s work programme and which provided an update on relevant issues.


The next Partnerships Scrutiny Committee meeting was due to be held on the 6 July 2023. There were 3 substantial items listed for the next Partnerships Scrutiny Committee on the 6 July 2023:

·       North Wales Economic Ambition Board Annual Report

·       Adult Safeguarding Annual Report

·       Re-ballot for potential Rhyl Business Improvement District (BID) 2nd term (deferred with the Chair’s permission from the current meeting’s business agenda)

At the April meeting of the Scrutiny Chairs and Vice Chairs Group it was requested that a report on the Setting of Affordable Rent Levels be brought to the Partnerships Scrutiny Committee. It was also requested that a representative from the Private Landlord Sector be invited to the meeting. The Scrutiny Co-ordinator had spoken with the Strategic Planning and Housing Manager, and they were hopeful to present a report at Committee’s October meeting.


Members were reminded of the Service Challenge Groups (information previously circulated) and due to the restructure of Services there were 3 more groups that required representatives from the Committee these were: -

·       Housing and Communities

·       Corporate Support Service: Performance, digital and Assets

·       Corporate Support Service: People


Councillor Martyn Hogg nominated himself for the representative role on the Corporate Support Service: Performance, Digital and Assets Group and Members were in favour.


No other expressions of interest were received for Housing and Communities and Corporate Support Service: People Service Challenge Groups and it was agreed that representatives for these Groups would be sought at the Committee’s next meeting.



At the conclusion of the discussion the Committee:




(i)             subject to the amendments and potential inclusions outlined above and during the course of the meeting, to confirm the Committee’s Forward Work programme as set out in Appendix 1; and

(ii)           to appoint Councillor Martyn Hogg as the Committee’s representative on the Corporate Support Service:  Performance, Digital and Assets Service Challenge Group, and that expressions of interest in serving as the Committee’s representatives on the Housing & Communities and the Corporate Support Service:  People Service Challenge Groups to be sought at the Committee’s next meeting. 

Publication date: 18/05/2023

Date of decision: 18/05/2023

Decided at meeting: 18/05/2023 - Partnerships Scrutiny Committee

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